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Wanna hit the restart button of your life? Start with this:

Start with a new look. New hair is new YOU.

It's okay if you are still hurting inside. and your wounds are still raw. It's okay if you made a mistake and it was too late to undo.
It's okay. It's fine. You are allowed to make a fresh start.
Forgive yourselves and make a new start.
It's like resetting a game on your phone when you feel stuck. Nobody needs to know your story or your learnings from your past.
Make a new start. Start with feeling new. Start with a new hair style.
Cut your hair short, or color it wild. Get fringes or simply go bald. But Start. Make a new start.

There are tons of article online, that will tell you how a  new hair style can make you feel new.  It can make you feel more confident. Make you feel like a new person Make you feel younger It can make you feel happier
But darling what you need right now is a new start. Start small. Start with a new hair style. and you will not regret it.


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