Welcome to my blog.
World of Alie (or World of A lie) has been my dream project for 6 years now.

Back in 2010, when I was a student someone asked me "You pick up so many things from internet, what do you give back to internet in return?"
This question has been stuck in my head for so long. How do I contribute to the world of internet.
I am a Media and Communication grad, so should I write about how is media manipulating you?

I am a branding professional, so should I write about building a Personal brand for yourselves?
I love food: Should I be writing about my experience and experiments with Food?
I have struggled with my life, should I write about my experience and inspire people to fight back with my story?
I live to travel should I write about travel?
Or should I write about being a struggling muslim?

Then I thought perhaps I should write about all of it.
Hence this is @Worldofalie, Personal blog of a Woman, a struggling Hijabi, a branding professional, a travel enthusiast and a foodie.

I invite all of you to read my blog posts and share your views.



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