One realization changed my perception about Islam, It will change yours too

image by Erik Scheel

We spotted  an old man pushing his hand cart, immediately my mother I asked me if I had some money left in my wallet. I did not have much, except a few smaller notes and a green 100 Rs leaf. She said "That's fine, go give it to him", pointing that the old hawker
It’s fitra  she  reminded me.
Fitra? I asked her. 
'yes, it the value of your one time meal you give to poor people on the eve of Eid, so that they can have a joyous Eid like us..

I did not wait for her to finish her sentence, and ran after the man.  I called him “uncle” and he turned around. I handed him the money over to him saying “Eid Murabak uncle” and He smiled. The most genuine smile I had ever seen. We both knew it wasnt from me but our Creator.

As I walked back to my mother I kept thinking “How beautiful is this religion!”
How beautiful it is to actually share food grains with the poor just to ensure they don't remind hungry on Eid. 

There are ton of horrible things you are made to believe about Islam. I also grew up that way too. I have read a lot of Jean Sasson books to convince myself that Islam is the religion of beheaders and self bombers who beat their wives.

My discovery of real meaning of Islam started only a couple of years ago. I would like to share my experience with you. Hope you will enjoy reading about it too.

Image by:  Erik Scheel


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